First sale blues

A lot of Etsians that I have spoken to talk about the first sale being the hardest, and I'm finding that to be very true! Every day I log into my Etsy, hoping to find a sale or a convo requesting my services, but all is quiet. I've been posting on the forums a lot and going in the chat, and I have had a lot of positive comments but nobody is biting as yet.

I'd love to hear your stories about how you got your first sale. Or, if you're still waiting, how you're working to get it! I'm hoping to get mine soon, but for now I'll just keep promoting and making friends, because despite the lack of sales I've found that Etsy is a great place to be.


Happybee said...

don't be discouraged and don't feel blue...this is a hard period plus on Etsy there are gazillion of sellers so...it's not easy to be finded from buyers...
but...your shop is nice and I'm sure you first sale will come soon!!!!!

Dayzee Love said...

Yes indeedy,

There are umpteen millions but you will get there! ;)

You too will feel the joy! Yay I got a sale! :)

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