Help me out with decorations!

Hi everyone,

Putting a post up here just to ask if anyone knows any good etsians to get Christmas decorations from? My boyfriend and I are getting our first proper tree and we'd really like some nice original baubles to put up on it, and use for further Christmases. If you, or a friend, are doing decorations point me in the right direction! I'm starting to get repeat work in my shop now so hopefully I'll have a few dollars spare to get something nice!


Long time no speak!

It has been a couple of months since my last blog post, so I must apologise for neglecting you lovely people! I had a bit of trouble at work as my position was no longer needed so I was made redundant, but now I have a new job and a bit of time off before starting up again so I can get back to it.

Speaking of which, I finally made my first sales! The lovely Krystyne over at The Ivy Keep purchased some product descriptions, as she was needing some templates about the history of different types of tea to help promote her wonderful teas. She has been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend browsing her wide selection of loose tea leaves!

As ever, any of you needing promotional writing for your shop, please head over to my shop and have a look at my listings. If you think of anything you need that I don't have a listing for just let me know and I can always sort out a custom listing for you!