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After my hectic birthday weekend I skipped last weeks feature, but for our second feature here at HandWritten, we have ArionJewelry! All the work in this shop was created by Jihee Kim. After growing up in Seoul, South Korea, she moved to America to study and now lives in Seattle with her husband and children. She uses high-quality materials to make beautiful, affordable jewelry for every occasion. I hope that you will love her items as much as I do!

1.How did you get started out on Etsy?
First of all, I think I need to tell you how I started to make my jewelry. One day, I enrolled in a "how to make earrings" class at Community college by chance. Since that class was availabe on Saturday, and the oil painting class which I orginally wanted to sign up to was full. I never expect that class was going to change my life. I couldn't stop thinking of new designs after that class. I kept making them and finally, I decided to make jewelries for the rest of my life! After that decision, I was looking for the way to sell my jewelry through internet. I didn't know Etsy at that time, but I expected that there might be a kind of mall store for those who are making crafts. And I found Etsy!

When I make jewelries, I am always thinking of the person who is going to wear them and doing my best to help that person look more beautiful and feel more confident. I hope my dedication and efforts show on my jewelries.

2.What materials do you enjoy using the most when creating pieces?

 I use a lot of different colors of gems, such as carnelian, amethyst, peridot,quartz, and, of course, pearls with silver or sterling silver. Pearls are forever and will be one of my favorite gems. Lately, I found a beautiful bronze filigree at beads store and I fall in love. I am going to add oxidized silver, bronze and PMC (Precious Metal Clay) in my jewelry line soon. 

3.How do you gather inspiration for your items?

 Looking at gems itself give me alot of inspiraion and imagination. All kinds of different colors, shapes, cuts of gems make me think alot. I got inspired by a lot of things such as flowers, birds and patterns as well.
I often visit local art museum to get inspired by paintings, objects or ancient jewelry. Whenever new design comes up my mind, I draw my idea on my design book to remember them.
And when I found suitable material for that design, I make them and put them on my Etsy store! The most great pleasure to make jewelry is creativity. Creation of jewelry with beautiful materials makes me feel so live, happy and instant gratification. When I am at bead stores, I feel like being at candy stores like a little girl.

4.What is your favourite thing about Etsy?

First, Etsy is so easy to start. I became an Etsy member with no internet business experience. To be a seller on Etsy, there is no limit of your location, age, life style, day job or experience. All you need is a camera, a computer and your talent with a bit of enthusiasm. There are alot of sellers from all around the world like Europe, Asia and Australia with all different back grounds.

Secondly, there is a community forum to get information or help about technical matters, business advice or sometimes even emotional encouragement from other Etsy members. Recently, I joined a lot and the responses were very helpful, honest and quick.

Thirdly, it doesn't cost too much to start and maintain.

5.What do you see as the next step for your business?

Since I started Etsy store not long ago, many people don't know my "arionjewelry" yet.
My short term goal is people reconize and get familiar with my arionjewelry brand with trust and happy memory so that I can have steady sales everyday.
For my long term goal, I would like to see my arion jewelry on display at one of the famous Department store's jewelry line.

Life is full of surprise like my jewelry class. I hope for the best and I am trying my best every day to make my dream come true and to become a proud mom and wife.

So please, hop on over and check out ArionJewelry! She has some really wonderful items and I wish her every success!


Deelights said...

Lovely items, love the bird earrings.

ThreadBeaur said...

Great interview, and those earrings are super cute!

Arion Jewelry said...

Thank you so much for featuring my jewelry. It is an honour to be chosen from hundreds of other talented jewelry designers on Etsy. Thank you so much for the kind comments and please visit my store to see more other creations. Thank you again!

Maverick Malone said...

Great feature!! Those earrings are gorgeous :)

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